Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture Thoughts

If tomorrow is the end of the world, my daughter won't make it to her first birthday and this troubles me. If I am raptured tomorrow, I assume my daughter will come with me, which is more than we can say for my husband. Now, Heaven is supposed to be a pretty amazing place, right? You'll never go hungry and all your wildest dreams come true in the presence of God, or so I've heard. How can this be? I love my kid more than anything, but part of that is knowing that I'll get to watch her grow up. Does this mean I'm going to be stuck with an 11 month old for all of eternity? Because, that doesn't sound so appealing. Will I get to watch her grow up in Heaven? If this is true, then I must also age and that really doesn't sound like a lot of fun. I feel old enough as it is. But, if I do get older then eventually, I'd die or something, right? Or will Heaven be filled with nothing but raggedy old people in about 50 years? Then who will pay our Social Security? Are you able to have children in Heaven? Won't we get over-crowded? I'll miss my dogs a lot.

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